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I am proud to have hard working, dedicated boxers under my wing. When you join me in a group class or a private lesson, you will have the opportunity to connect with a community of boxers of all skill levels, heights and weight classes.
"I’ve been around the discipline of boxing for a long time although I never took it seriously. 

I’ve always been into martial arts, and while Jiu Jitsu has been my number 1 passion in the past few years, here I am now doing boxing instead and taking it seriously. 

It’s really a testament to the quality of coach that Jason is..."
Paul Fang
Amateur Boxer
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"I have been training with Coach Lakomy since March 2020 and my first impression was how his passion for boxing and coaching was radiating across the entire park. 

In that time Coach Lakomy has proven himself time and time again as a coach that is unrivaled in terms of boxing knowledge and someone that can easily articulate various concepts..."
Mike Radic
Amateur Boxer
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"STRONGER BOXING will make you STRONGER, in every way!

I’ve been training with Jason since March 2020 and I must say this has been a life changing experience for me. Before meeting Jason, I have never done any martial arts training or even participated in any sport. I initially tried the group class with the thought of doing it just for fun and to simply get a taste of what boxing was like without any plan to pursue it long term. But once I joined the Sunday class I have never wanted to stop.."
Kathie Tran
Boxing Athlete
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"Whether you want to do boxing for fitness or competition, Jason diversifies his training to meet that goal. 

I've been training with Jason consistently twice a week for 9 months now. 

I started with the goal in mind to increase my fitness and confidence, and Jason helped me reach that and much more.

I've even dropped a total of 17kgs all the way from 96 down to 79kgs since I started and in the best shape of my life. 

The team culture is also extremely welcoming and supportive too which helps a great deal to combat the anxiety of being introduced to anything intense like sparring. 

I recommend it to anyone looking to learn something new or take it to the next level because Jason's coaching skills and infectious energy will help you get there!
Omar Boulad
Amateur Boxer
I’ve been in the boxing game for 3 years, been around many gyms and experienced coaches. 

Boxing is all about foundations, skill, technique. 

I’ve been training with jason for about a month now and I’ve seen nothing but progress. 

Jason is an amazing coach, understanding, patience and intelligent. He puts his heart into the sport and his fighters. 

He will brainwash you with proper skill and technique like how a fighter should perform with confidence because of the support and love he puts out there. 

A discipline and loving coach is the most important thing to a fighter. 

I really recommend everyone to give this a go and there will be no regrets but fun and enjoyment.
Aydin Asmaro
Boxing Athlete
"Coach Lakomy offers a boxing class that isn't just centred on fitness like the basic mitt classes at a gym.

He also teaches you the theory and skills that are needed in mastering boxing as a form of self defence. 

He truly cares about your development. 

A boxing class with a difference."
Roger Mikolajczak
Boxing Athlete
"Jason is the type of coach any aspiring boxer would dream of having. 

His attention to detail and dedication to the art of boxing got me hooked in the first place.

Jason's boxing lessons are always a grind. But I wouldn't have it any other way. 

The feeling of accomplishment after surviving a grueling session of conditioning and technique is a feeling I look forward to every time.

His coaching is easy to pick up and understand. The passion and energy he brings to each lesson will rub off on you, and it will motivate you to grind harder.

If you want a coach that provides fantastic support and can excel your boxing to the next level, then I would highly recommend Jason!"
Richard Magallanes
Beginner Boxer
"I've been training with Jason for 2 years, and he has been extremely supportive throughout. 

He's always pushing me to be my best & challenges me in ways that make me feel motivated to improve. 

You'll never find another coach like him. 

Thank you, Jase, for always believing in me."
Kiri-Ana Robinson
Boxing Athlete

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