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Elite Boxing Classes In Lidcombe

Looking to get some boxing training done in Lidcombe?

We've been teaching students how to box for over 17 years.

Fun Fact: My boxing journey started in Lidcombe.

Whether you want to learn for self-defence, fitness, discipline, or the love of the sport...

Come down and try out our boxing classes and lessons!

Find Elite Boxing Classes In Lidcombe And Get Stronger, Better & Faster!

We offer boxing classes close to Lidcombe (literally a suburb over) in Rhodes where you can get a great workout while learning self-defense skills!

You'll love it because there aren't many places around the area for this kind of activity, but we've got plenty of space.

It doesn’t matter if the sun shines or rains - you can still work up an appetite during your session with us (and afterward too).

Check out the boxing classes we have on offer.

Check Out Our Private Boxing Lessons In Lidcombe To Fix Your Bad Habits, And Learn Real Boxing Technique!

Boxing is a great self-defense skill, but if you're not very good at it then your technique will suffer.

That's why we offer private lessons for those who want a more personalized experience with me.

You'll have my 100% attention, and we can go through some strengths and weaknesses to bring out your full potential.

Our sessions focus heavily on technical skills such as movement patterns and combinations while also including fitness exercises to keep you in tip-top shape.

Check out our private boxing lessons here.

Enjoy What Lidcombe Has To Offer After Our Sessions!

Lidcombe is a suburb located in Western Sydney with tons of restaurants to choose from.

The majority of places you'll be going to are located in Lidcombe Centre.

There you'll find restaurants like Zambrero and Rashays for that post-workout feed.

And if you're feeling like a reward, you could head over to Chubby Buns and get a burger. (But first, make sure you earn that feast.)

Regardless there are plenty of spots to choose from and I guarantee you, you'll be hungry after our boxing sessions!

Want To Know If We Run Boxing Lessons Near You?

We’re located in Sydney, but we mainly serve the Inner West suburbs. Take a look at some of the places we often travel to for boxing classes and lessons near you:

We can come to you for boxing. We’ll travel up to 20 km from Rhodes; just let us know where you’re located, and we’ll work something out!

In Each Class...

You Will Learn The
Boxing Fundamentals


Use footwork to stay balanced and ready to attack.


Build an impregnable defensive strategy to your arsenal.

Punching Power

Use proper punching technique to increase your punching power.


Build a limitless cardio base to stay in the fight all day long.

The Benefits of Learning How To Box

Boxing goes beyond just "fighting" and "fitness."
It may become the vehicle needed to level up your life for the better.

Master The Ability To Defend Yourself

Knowing how to defend yourself will give you unyielding confidence.

You'll learn how to diffuse tense situations while protecting yourself and your family.

Feel Lighter, Stronger & Faster

You'll learn how to use your body mechanics in many different ways.

Your balance, coordination, technique, and overall fitness will improve fast.

If you want a challenging, fat-burning workout - boxing is the way to go.

Apply Discipline To Other Aspects Of Life

Boxing takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance. 

You will learn how to utilize these principles in other aspects of your life.

You won't just improve in boxing. You'll feel more confident. More powerful.

Every single lesson is recorded, edited & sent to you for analysis!

Playback your boxing lesson and see your progress from a third-person view.
Discover what you need to improve on for the next lesson and start to develop rapidly!

See what other boxers are saying...

We have over 140+ 5.0 star reviews on Google!
"Jason is very meticulous, diligent in his coaching methods and tremendously dedicated to the growth of his fighters & students..."
Paul Fang
Amateur Boxer
"Coach Lakomy has proven himself time and time again as a coach that is unrivaled in terms of boxing knowledge and someone that can easily articulate various concepts..."
Mike Radic
Amateur Boxer
"I’ve been training with Jason since March 2020 and I must say this has been a life changing experience for me..."
Kathie Tran
Amateur Boxer
"...I recommend it to anyone looking to learn something new or take it to the next level because Jason's coaching skills and infectious energy will help you get there!"
Omar Boulad
Amateur Boxer
"Jason is an amazing coach, understanding, patience and intelligent. He puts his heart into the sport and his fighters..."
Aydin Asmaro
Boxing Athlete
"Jason is the type of coach any aspiring boxer would dream of having. If you want a coach that provides fantastic support and can excel your boxing to the next level, then I would highly recommend Jason!"
Richard Magallanes
Amateur Boxer
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Frequently asked questions

What time are your group classes?

Our most popular class is our Punch Day Workshop which is a 3-hour session from 10am - 1pm, currently running every Saturday.

You can check our full list of classes here.

How many people can come in for a private boxing lesson?

Private lessons can be taught to a maximum of 4 people.

Find out more about private lessons here. Spots are strictly limited.

Do you have a gym?

Our locations may vary from weekly. We have access to great boxing locations outdoors.

We also host lessons at local boxing gyms from time-to-time.

We'll message you the location a couple of days before our lesson takes place.

And don't worry, we provide all the equipment you need. Just bring a towel, and a bottle of water, and get an awesome workout in!

If you'd like to know where we'll be holding our lessons next, contact us here!

How does training to compete in an amateur boxing comp work?

Luckily for you, we have experience in the competitive boxing world.

We'll put you through our Stronger Boxing Program which will ensure that you will be comp ready!

If you'd like to know more, send us a message and we'll walk you through how it works.

What time can I book in for a private lesson?

Bookings for our private class depend will depend on my current schedule.

Click here and message me to find out when we can slot you in for a private lesson. Spots are strictly limited.

What are the costs for a boxing class or private boxing lesson?

Please register for our free Boxing Workshop here.

Every Saturday, 10am, we run a Boxing Workshop (called PUNCHDAY) providing you with a wholistic view of boxing training all fit into 1 day (made up of 3 classes)

- 10am - Sparring ($20)
- 11am - Technique ($30)
- 12pm - Conditioning ($30)
All 3 for $50 (Save $30)

All sessions are video recorded for your reference and analysis.

10am under the shelter, along the scenic water @ The Connection, 30 Shoreline Dr, Rhodes.

Private Sessions provide specialised focus for your fastest boxing transformation. All sessions are video recorded for your analysis and tracking progress + you’ll also receive a highlight clip reflecting what you achieved.

- 45mins 1:1 = $75
- 90mins 1:1 = $110
(discounts if training 3 days /week)

Training with a friend?
- 45mins 2:1 = $50 each
- 90mins 2:1 = $75 each

Please let me know in advanced days + times work best for you. You can get in contact with me here.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

We provide all the equipment you need, but we are happy for you to bring your own.

The Essentials You Should Bring Are:
- A workout towel
- A bottle of water

And If You Have The Following, Bring These As Well:
- Boxing headgear
- A mouthpiece
- Boxing wrist wraps
- 12oz - 16oz Boxing Gloves for training
- 16oz Boxing Gloves for sparring
(These are optional)

If you need help finding boxing gear, send us a message and we'll help you out!

How can I get in touch with you?

Message me here or click the Messenger icon on the bottom right.

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